First Nations Clothing

A Case For Redemption

What comes to mind when we think of Aboriginals and their history within Canada? Is it their harmonious society or is it Canada’s genocidal actions towards their culture?

I would argue that what has happened to Aboriginals in Canada’s history is indeed cultural genocide. Canada and Canadians themselves must reconcile with this inconvenient truth so that we can build a healthier relationship with Aboriginals moving forward. As Canada moves closer to its 150th birthday it is worth acknowledging our history, proud and not, and figuring out how we can recognize and learn from our errors.


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Students in University Lecture Hall

Y2K 2.0

Remember the fear around the Y2K bug that didn’t actually happen? It’s happening now.

Like people who grew up in the 1990s and the twenty-first century I am used to job searching being an excruciatingly painful and numbing process. In some ways I wish it were like the olden times where you could just drop off a resume, or speak to someone directly, rather than apply online. The Y2K bug that everyone feared would crash the computers has instead crashed the psyches of my generation. We are growing increasingly desperate, hopeless, and worried that we will never find a stable job or financial security.


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