Hands Expressing Hope

Hope vs. Fear: Why the Audacity of Hope Will Win

Given that “Super Tuesday” is only two days away, I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at the Republican race and emphasize that their politics of division and mistrust should not succeed.

As a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson has advanced science in ways many thought impossible. But, as a Republican Presidential hopeful he has called for a biblical taxation system, has questioned the authenticity of President Obama’s blackness, and has reaffirmed his distrust of Muslims. He has found ways to divide people, whether through race, religion, or ethnicity. This cannot and should not be tolerated.

Senator Ted Cruz has expressed his disdain for radical Islamic terrorism, but it is hard to figure out where his hatred of terrorism ends and whether it seeds into a mistrust of Muslims.

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Canadian Flag

Invisible Wounds

The men and women who have served in the Canadian Armed Forces have shown incredible dedication, sacrifice, and loyalty. They need to be given the weapons needed to succeed on the battlefield but also need to be given the proper support to live a healthy life once they have returned to CaSoldier In Afghanistannada. And yet, 54 Canadian Armed Forces members, according to CBC reports, have taken their own lives after having come home from their deployment in Afghanistan.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was labeled as shell shock after World War One, and those suffering were often subjected to electro-shock therapy. After World War Two PTSD was labeled “battle exhaustion.” It was only until after the Vietnam War that PTSD became a formally recognized mental health illness by the American Psychiatric Association.

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Man Smoking Marijuana

Legalizing and Regulating Weed in Canada

It is time for a fresh perspective in Canada on how to deal with cannabis and its consumers.

Hard drugs like cocaine and heroin should continue to be illegal, but cannabis, as a “soft drug”, should be legal for medicinal and recreational purposes.  Law enforcement should continue to word hard to eradicate hard drugs and punish those convicted of any crimes associated with them.

But I am going to make the case that cannabis, for medicinal and recreational use, should be legal throughout Canada because of economic and social reasons.  We can model our legalization method on the Dutch and Colorado models.


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Heart in the Snow

Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour. It is such a simply command, and yet it is so difficult to follow. On this Valentine’s Day open up your hearts to the person you hold dear, and be grateful that you can love who you want.

Loving someone is such a beautiful thing, but only recently have people been freely allowed to choose who to love. For such a long time it was frowned upon by society to marry people outside your culture, ethnicity, and even religion.

Couple of Different EthnicitiesPeople who were black in the U.S. legally couldn’t marry a white person until relatively recently, and even today it is looked upon as something different whether in the U.S., Canada, Europe, or elsewhere.


Jewish people, like many other religions and belief systems, have only recently realized that they can marry people of other faiths. As I have written about previously, gay and lesbian people have only recently gotten the right to marry the man or woman they love, and still they face discrimination and feel the ire of society.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Why One Month Is Not Enough

Black History Month has arrived, as it has every February since it was made into law in December 1995. February 2016 thus marks the 20th anniversary of Black History Month in Canada.  Unfortunately, though, by March 1st many people forget the history of black Canadians.  So, I ask the question:

Is one month enough to celebrate Black history in Canada?

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Gay Pride Flag

Pride and Prejudice

Far too many LGBT people around the world live life in the shadows, fearful of being punished for simply being who they are. Canada, to rectify this injustice, must show that acceptance, not rejection, and that respect, not hatred, makes a country stronger.

In South America a dramatic shift in LGBT equality has occurred. Uruguay approved civil unions in 2008, Ecuador followed suit the next year, Argentina and Brazil did so in 2010, and Chile recognized rights of the LGBT community in 2015. In addition, sex reassignment surgery is covered by health insurance in Cuba and Argentina.

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