What’s so super about Super Tuesday?

Great informative blog about the origins of Super Tuesday in the U.S. primaries.

Bitesize History


It’s a make-or-break day for U.S. Presidential hopefuls and one of the most important dates in any U.S. presidential race. So how did Super Tuesday start and why is it so important?

Every four years, Super Tuesday takes place on a Tuesday in either February or March during the U.S. Presidential race. Super Tuesday is the day when both Democrats and Republicans hold the most number of primaries of the election season.

This year, Super Tuesday takes place on March 1, 2016 and sees delegates from thirteen states and one territory casting their nomination for their preferred candidate to content the U.S. Presidential election.

Each state handles the voting process differently: some are primaries, which are run by the states; others are caucuses, which are typically put on by the state parties.

Due to the high number of primaries being held on one day, Super Tuesday can ultimately determine who…

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