One Giant Leap For Womankind

Yesterday, March 8, 2016 was International Women’s Day, during which we commemorated and celebrated how far women have come in societies around the world, and realize just how far we still need to go to achieve parity and equality between men and women around the world.

I feel it is particularly topical for my blog since it is titled “Because It’s 2015,” which was what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said when asked why he insisted on a gender-equal cabinet, the first of its kind in Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau, a self-described feminist, reaffirmed his stance that in Canada all women and girls should be given every opportunity to reach their full potential and not be held back because of their sex.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called for member states to put forward more women to serve as peacekeepers. As the term of Ban Ki-Moon as UN Secretary-General comes to end on December 31, 2016, a movement has started pushing for the first ever female to lead the world’s largest international political body. There are certainly a plethora of women to choose from, so a lack of candidates will not be the problem.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The problem will be whether governments around the world, where atrocities to women and girls are still practiced, and their futures are limited, will have the fortitude to vote for a woman to head the UN. After all, a woman already runs the International Monetary Fund, and there have been many women who have successfully won seats of power in their national governments.

To paraphrase Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon, “This is one small step for woman, One giant leap for womankind.”





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