All Lives Matter

All lives matter. No one life is more equal or greater than another. And yet, despite this truth, people continue to value certain individuals over others even in this day of age. People value a university graduate over a high school graduate, they see affluent people as better than, or, rather, more important to the growth of society, than someone who grows up in the slums of Mumbai.

Mumbai Slum

And, while discrepancies exist around the world between countries, it is even more evident within nations. Only when entire Aboriginal communities are on a suicide watch in Canada do everyday Canadians pay attention to the plight of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit. Only when African Americans are shot and killed by police officers in the United States does the U.S. society take a critical approach at how best to solve the race issue in that country. Only when a factory crumbles in India, trapping and killing workers, do we pay attention to the gross mistreatment of sweatshops.

I am writing this completely understanding that no change can happen in a year or a decade without grassroots support. But, if people can pay attention to the misfortunes of others, intentional or not, for longer than a crisis or a incident lasts in the media, then perhaps really change can happen faster.

If people are more aware of the day-to-day struggles of people around the world, and pay attention to the fact that food and water are scarce in certain places, or in certain places women lack fundamental rights, or that minorities are subjugated, then perhaps we can have a deeper understanding of the problems and will be able to correct them faster.

Here’s hoping for hope.

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