Canada Pride

Yesterday, the Liberal government in Canada’s Parliament tabled legislation that would give transgendered persons equality under the Canadian Human Rights Act, full protection under the Criminal Code, and explicit guarantees that they not be discriminated against on  the basis of their gender identity or gender expression.

It was clearly a historical day for Canadians of all stripes and colours, but even more so for Canada’s transgendered community.  They have, for so long, been discriminated against without explicit protection.  They have been harassed, fired, or denied opportunities simply because they didn’t seem to fit in.  This law, championed by Prime Minister Trudeau and the Minister of Justice, shows the world that Canada is a leader on issues of social equality.

However, I think that lost was that MP Rona Ambrose, the Interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Commons, stated that she will support the bill.  I think that this news may be just as dramatic as the bill being put forward in the first place.

The previous leader of the Conservative Party, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, never did walk in the Pride Parade in Toronto or in any other city in Canada.  For the leader of the Conservative Party to take such a stance is so profound that I think she deserves a great deal of applause.

Hopefully her stance, and the support of other Conservative MPs in the House of Commons, will sway the Conservative-dominated Senate to pass the law as is and give equal rights to all Canadians.

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