America’s Breaking Point?

A few months ago I wrote about how I thought Americans would not approve of Donald Trump’s message, his ideas, and his overall demeanor. That was before he became the Republican nominee for President, before there was no doubt that a contested convention would not take place in Cleveland.

Even a few weeks ago I still strongly believed that Americans would reject Donald Trump’s policies of division and intolerance. But perhaps he has just brought to the surface what has been bubbling underneath since the signing of the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, and the Roe v. Wade decision.

Donald Trump has made it apparent that the American people, or at least his supporters, are more than just unhappy with President Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court. What he has revealed is the racism, nativism, intolerance, and hatred of people who are not white Christians that hate diversity.

He has given voice to these people, and by making derogatory and hateful statements day after day, he is giving every white person in Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, or anywhere else, the feeling that they can say the same things he does.

            By constantly calling Hillary Clinton “crooked”, or Elizabeth Warren “goofy”, or verbally taunting media people, or anyone who disagrees with him, he is giving permission for others to do the same. And that becomes dangerous.  It creates a lack of respect for people and creates animosities and the possibility for violence. His unwillingness to be criticized or questioned is telling, so too is his response to those who ask him simple questions. He responds with attacks and vitriol.

Supporters in Congress say “It’s just Donald being Donald”, but is that really an excuse? Just because someone acts a certain way doesn’t mean it is right.

Congressmen and Congresswomen who support him and tacitly ignore or justify his actions are passively supporting his words and actions, which gives Donald Trump more confidence, so he then spews out more outrageous language, attacking people, and then his supporters across the country see this and assume it is ok for them to spew out the same language he does. It’s a vicious cycle but it is telling of the true nature of white Christian Americans who don’t like anyone else but themselves.

Donald Trump should feel ashamed for what he has done and shown. But the American people should be ashamed, for they have finally revealed who they truly are beneath the surface, in their hearts.

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