Israel Needs to Make a Choice

Israel is at a pivotal point in its history.  It needs to decide whether it is going to be a democratic nation that gives the vote to all its citizens, or a Jewish state that is more interested in protecting Jews than protecting democracy.

Because the Muslim population is rising rapidly, Israel will be largely non-Jewish in 25-30 years depending on estimates.  That leaves the nation and its government in a tricky position.  If it wants to be true to being Jewish it will bar certain Muslims from voting, but if it wants to be democratic it will allow all citizens of Israel, regardless of religion to vote.

Israeli SettlementThis paradox is being played out now, with settlements being build, Jewish populations expanding in size and territory.  This is all being done with the idea of keeping Israel as Jewish and democratic as possible for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, building settlements and encroaching on land has aroused animosity from Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.  This is where Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to be careful and tactical in what he does and what he says.

Again, unfortunately his right-wing party is being dragged further and further to the right by extreme nationalists and pro-Jewish parties, who see Muslims as dispensable and want to keep on pushing them further and further back.

Israel’s identity is at stake for the next 30 years.

Democracy vs. Religion.  The line has been drawn.

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