Is Terror The New Reality?

Uncomfortable as it may be to think about, should people around the world accept the reality that terrorism is here to stay?  Is terrorism the new reality?

There have been eras or centuries where terrorism was prominent and state-sponsored and even religion-sponsored, but with social media and all the new ways we hear about terrorist events it seems that terrorist acts are happening more and more frequently.

Hundreds of years ago, tragic stories like the one in Nice yesterday would have taken weeks if not months to be known across the Atlantic and in places far and wide.  But now, because people can share videos, messages, and the existence of modern t.v. networks, these attacks are taking on a life of their own.

And because the images go global faster than ever before, there has been an increase in quick reaction, allowing terror groups to glamorize their attacks, become more bold, brazen, and arrogant.

A group like ISIS can now recruit more people and inspire countless others through social media.  They can easily upload a video on YouTube, post something on Facebook, and radicalize vulnerable people faster and more effectively.

Unfortunately, social media and technological advances are adding fuel to the fire.  They are helping proliferate terrorism around the world.

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