The Right to Death

Many people in Canada, the United States, and around the world, want to live our lives as proudly and as admirably as possible.  But when it comes to people’s last years, when their capacities are limited and as they become more dependent on others, shouldn’t they have the right to control how they spend their last days?

I’ve unfortunately seen loved ones, people who I admired, people who I loved, proud people who lived lives to the fullest, be crippled by debilitating illnesses and diseases.  And so I think, why should they have suffered?  Why should they have lost some semblance of their dignity?  Didn’t they deserve better in their last days than to lie in bed, lose weight daily, and not be able to talk, drink, eat, or go to the bathroom?

Why do we make loved ones suffer in the last days of their lives?

I watched “How to Die in Oregon” several years ago, and seeing people with ALS or MS have control over how they die.  To see them die with their families and friends around them expressing their love for each other brought tears to my eyes.  It was so emotional and powerful to see.

People taking control over their last days.  Dying with peace.  Dying with dignity.

Giving loved ones who helped others throughout their lives, our help in creating a loving environment for their last breaths.

Don’t loved ones deserve the best when it comes to the end?

Should they suffer?

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