Settling Western Canada

The Great Migration West

From 1867-1914 hundreds of thousands of Canadians, immigrants, and Aboriginals were moving west and impacted the region.  Economically, industries crucial to Canada today, mining, agriculture, and oil became especially paramount.

Clifford Sifton, the Minister of the Interior, encouraged people from Asia to settle in British Columbia.  For the first time, people were coming to Canada not solely from the British Isles and from British colonies.

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Population Shifts and Politics

Over the course of my next 5 blog posts I will outline how population shifts have altered politics in Canada and in the United States, and will continue to do so through immigration, settlements, migrations, and population growth rates.

I will focus on the movement westward in the late 1800s in both countries, the increased immigration to Canada and the United States since the end of the Civil War, the migration of African-Americans to northern urban centres in the early 20th century, and the high growth rates of ethnic population groups that will have profound impacts on elections in both countries for decades.

Aaron Driver

What Aaron Driver Tells Us

For years we have tried to explain why people turn to extreme Islam and then act, or try to.  Perhaps the case of Mr. Driver in Canada gives insight.

In many cases it is people who already practicing Islam who become disillusioned and become self-radicalized, but in many other cases it is people who are not born into Islam.  These individuals have something terrible happen to them and feel vengeful, seeking to inflict pain on others.

Aaron Driver

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Anne Frank

The Legacy of Anne Frank

Today, August 1 marks the 72nd anniversary of the last entry into Anne Frank’s diary.  She wrote…”I keep on trying to find a way of becoming what I would like to be, and what I could be, if…there weren’t any other people living in the world.”

Three days later she and her family were arrested, sent to Bergen-Belsen where she died on March 15, 1945 at the tender age of 15.

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