Colin Kaepernick and Civil Protest — The Politics of Writing

By now most everyone has heard of the events surrounding Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, and his refusal to stand during the national anthem played at football games. It began with him simply sitting on the bench and evolving him to take a knee during the anthem, almost as a gesture of respect. […]

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First Nations Clothing

Do First Nations Have a Right to Be Colonized?

Undoubtedly Indigenous Peoples in Canada have been horrifically mistreated by all levels of government in Canada since Confederation and well before.  Upon reading critiques of First Nations self-government by First Nations themselves, there is a burning question that lies beneath the surface.

Do First Nation have a right to be colonized?

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Higher Education Should Be A Right

As students across the United States and Canada start their school year at a university, college, or other type of post-secondary education, it is worthwhile noting the vast number of people who can only dream of higher education.  Marginalized and vulnerable people simply don’t have the means to access education at a higher level.  How societies measure themselves is how able marginalized people are to improve themselves individually and collectively.

In order for these groups of people to better their situation, they require access to education to allow them to become employed and join the workforce.  That is why education must be a right and not a privilege. Continue reading