Climate Change Needs Changing Now

As Hurricane Matthew barrels through Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and other nations in its way before it reaches the U.S., we have to ask ourselves:

How many disasters will people tolerate until we accept the reality of global warming?



How many mudslides must take place in rural China that cumulatively have killed thousands of people.  How many lives must be lost to flooding, torrential rain, monsoons, typhoons, and tsunamis before people around the world collectively can say:

Yes, climate change is real and is happening and we have to do something about it or else there won’t be humans in 200 years.

People always say they want to leave the planet or their country in a better off place than they found it.  But unless action is taken on climate change there won’t be a planet.  There won’t be Louisiana, Florida, parts of Texas, all the islands in Southeast Asia.  They will all be washed away, as if they never existed.

The time for waiting is over.  The time for comprehensive global action on climate change is now and has to happen or else there won’t be a planet to live on.

That’s the reality of the situation.

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