Zeppelin, The White Album, and Star Trek’s Kiss

Besides the tensions by the end of 1968, cultural events would take place that would play a large role in the lives of teenagers for years to come.


In October 1968 in Surrey, England the rock group Led Zeppelin would make their very first live appearance. The band’s music continues to inspire musicians today and the lyrics and guitar rifts are synonymous with rock’n’roll. On December 26 the band would make its first live appearance in Denver, Colorado, bringing their music to the ears of Americans for the first time

Not to be outdone, The Beatles released their classic record, “The White Album.” Filled with classic songs like “Back in the U.S.S.R.”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, and “Revolution 1”, it would change music entirely. Within the first four days of its release in the U.S. it sold over 3 million copies and became instantaneously part of the counterculture.

I you can believe it, The Rolling Stones release an album in December which contained the track “Sympathy for the Devil.” Written in the first-person of God, it talks about all the atrocities that have happened throughout time. Some of the more relevant topics include the Russian Revolution, World War Two, and the killings of Robert Kennedy and President Kennedy. It touched a nerve with Americans who were anti-war, growing more left-leaning, and were profoundly disillusioned by the assassinations throughout the decade, such as the Kennedy brothers.

Yale University also changed its policy and began accepting women, and, in a time when interracial sexual relationships were taboo, Star Trek showed the first interracial kiss on television.

These cultural events both expressed the anger and disillusionment of people, while at the same time expressing hope for improvement in the future. They changed culture forever and continue to resonate with people of all colors.

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