Lessons From ’68

What have we learned from 1968?

Well, looking at today’s state of affairs, not much.

The world is still divided on racial, religious, ethnic, and cultural lines. It is fifty years after Vietnam and the U.S. is still engaged in a quagmire halfway across the world, with no end in sight. Terrorism is here, stronger than ever. Planes are still hijacked, civilian areas are still bombed, and civil liberties have been curbed to protect us.

African-Americans in the U.S., Aboriginals in Canada, and students around the world still feel like they have no voice, no power. This has caused movements like “Black Lives Matter,” atrocious conditions for Aboriginals in Canada, and student strikes, protests, and unrest on campuses in North America, Europe, and elsewhere.

It seems tragic that we haven’t learnt much from mistakes nearly half a century ago. The whole purpose of history is to do just that. But clearly we haven’t been able to. This leaves little prospect for the next fifty years.

I had to leave this series on 1968 on a negative point, but the facts are what they are and we have made them. So, we are to blame for our present situation. However, because we are in control of our destiny, we do have the capability to change our direction for the better.

I guess there is a little bit of hope after all.  It’s in our hands.

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