What Aaron Driver Tells Us

For years we have tried to explain why people turn to extreme Islam and then act, or try to.  Perhaps the case of Mr. Driver in Canada gives insight.

In many cases it is people who already practicing Islam who become disillusioned and become self-radicalized, but in many other cases it is people who are not born into Islam.  These individuals have something terrible happen to them and feel vengeful, seeking to inflict pain on others.

Aaron Driver

If it is true that deaths to loved ones or other terrible events like to Mr. Driver’s mother can propel someone to terrorism, then there doesn’t seem to be a way of stopping people from self-radicalizing.

But if you read what Mr. Driver went through, it seems plausible that something psychiatric or psychological took place.  Not being a professional in either of those fields, I am not going to speak with certainty, but at the least it seems possible.

If that is the case, shouldn’t the answer to prevent an incident like this be to give hope, to provide financial support and other forms of support when a loved one dies so early in childhood?  Rather, people like Mr. Driver fall through the cracks until they are killed or they kill others.

Not all potential radicalized Islamic followers will be stopped, but giving hope, support, and love can go a long way.

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